It’s Hard

Designed to test your physical and mental limits, HIITyasa™ is an infrared heated HIIT workout incorporating powerful strength training, anaerobic cardio bursts, targeted core work, flexibility, and Yasa (power vinyasa yoga mixed with primal movements).  Everything you need, in the time that you have.

It’s Hot

Our studios are outfitted with infrared panels that will heat you up from the inside out.  Get ready to push your heart rate higher, release a ton of toxins and sweat like crazy.

It works

HIITyasa™ produces a 3 fold afterburn effect like no other workout on the market.  Anaerobic Cardio, powerful strength training, and Infrared heat will have your heart rate soaring to new heights and calories burning up to 24 hours after your workout is over.  The ever-changing HIIT will lean you out and sculpt your muscles while the Yasa will leave you flexible and strong.

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